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Telecommunication custom packages

Once we audit your telecom agreements currently in place, we will be able to determine how much you are being charged by your current provider, as well as what services you are using.  Often times we find our client is paying for services that they are not using.  In addition, our clients are almost always over-paying (by as much as 25%) for these services.  We then customize a solution to fit your company. Remember - at Means Telecom we work for YOU.  We have over 280 providers we work with all around the world, so we will bring you multiple,competitive choices, from service providers that WANT your business.

Internet - Broadband

The internet is so important these days that growing companies are forgetting to upgrade their broadband speed connection. Have you heard your employees say, "The computers are moving slow today."?  It is more likely that your broadband "pipe" is no longer able to keep up with the growth demands of your business. This is where we help. Whatever the problem is, we build a solution that works today - and in the future.

Audio / Video Conferencing

Conference calls with clients...

Conference calls with employees...

Conference calls with vendors...

Wherever you are calling from, no matter the device you're using (office phone, smart phone, tablet device), at Means Telecom we have the audio / video conference call capabilities that will exceed your requirements.  And at a low competitive monthly investment.

Cloud Services

At the foundation of cloud computing is the broader concept of converged infrastructure and shared services. Three of the main benefits of cloud computing include self-service provisioning, scalability and pay-per-use. Means Telecom can help you get into the Cloud.

I.T. Disaster Recovery

Don't wait for the disaster to happen and see if you can fix it. Have an I.T. Disaster Plan in place. We put in place a plan so that when a disaster happens in your business, you will quickly be back up and running in the quickest time possible, 24/7/365.  Every business needs to have an I.T. Disaster Recovery Plan in place - it just makes sense.  And the monthly investment is well worth it.


Means Telecom has access to hundreds of product lines from telephones to test equipment. In many cases we connect you with a wholesaler that will provide you with great pricing on the equipment you need. In other cases we can quote you directly for items that you need. PBX Telephone Systems, VoIP Phones, Hosted / Managed Phone Systems, routers, Cable Analyzers, Butt Sets, Modems, Tone Probe Kits.  What is your telecom product need, let us know.

Wouldn't it be nice to lower your monthly phone and broadband costs?  And KEEP your same business phone numbers, fax numbers, etc.?

The telecommunications and communications industries are rapidly advancing. Why get left behind and pay too much for your old standard telephone lines and broadband? At Means Telecom, we are a Telecom Broker - we work for YOU.  Since we have access to over 280 different providers all around the world, we can bring you the most competitive solutions that meet your current (and future) business telecom needs.

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